What Are the Rules on Arm Wrestling

Rules on Arm WrestlingAfter sumo and professional wrestling, arm wrestling is developing into one of the most popular wrestling sports.  Played by two opponents, each player rests an arm onto a flat surface.  With the other, wrestling arm, the elbow should be bent and remain in contact with the surface.  The aim is to force your opponent’s arm down to the surface and pin it, however, there are strict rules to follow. Below are the rules on arm wrestling.

Each player should sit with their shoulders square on to each other at the start with their fist a good distance away from their shoulder. When the game’s referee declares “Ready… Go” then the match begins.  Should a player’s waistline not reach the top of the table then he can make use of a riser which he must return when the match ends. Without touching your body during the bout the player must force his opponent’s arm down until it touches the table.

The match restarts should a player’s hand touch his body – this is declared a foul. Repeating the above fault results in the match being handed to the opposition. If the contestants are unable to maintain their grip then their hands can be strapped. There should be any sign to the referee that a player may hurt their arm or wrist the match can be forfeit. If a wrong start occurs then it is a foul.

If either player’s elbow leaves the pocket, causing them to gain position, a foul is declared.  The referee should start the match again. If this foul is repeated but there is no gain while the elbow returns to the pocket then a warning should be given. An elbow should not be in the pocket then no pin can be made.  If this occurs then a foul is declared and the referee should decide if he wishes the match to restart.

The players should not stop until both hands are grabbed by the referee. It is a most important rule that sportsmanship is demonstrated by each player. If true sportsmanship is not shown then a foul can be declared.

The player should either not be able to grip properly the referee can give his “referee’s grip”.  Once given, any further movement will automatically incur a foul. You can only bend your wrist, known as “hooking”, once the match begins The key rule to remember is that the referee’s decisions are final.

Maintaining a strong grip is crucial to winning at arm wrestling.  Sports stores stock hand grippers to aid in this. Presuming you play with your right hand then ensure your right foot is at the front.  To help increase your power you should place your foot away from the opponent as far as possible. Using the correct muscles is also important.  Rather than show off your biceps you should instead focus on using your arms and your shoulders to generate extra force and extra power.

Undertaking lots of practice will increase your likelihood of winning.  By gaining experience when wrestling with friends you will discover your own technique to win.

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