Viruses And Exercise: Can Working Out Help You Get Better?

Viruses and ExerciseThere is a link between viruses and exercise and the link is that by working out or even just going for a walk you can actually improve the chances of you getting better quicker than you otherwise would have done. This is something that does surprise a lot of people as there is this belief that you need to be in bed and resting, but studies have shown that doing the exact opposite really can have a major impact on your health.

The main reason why this is the case is due to the way in which exercise encourages your body to produce certain chemicals and it then uses those chemicals to fight the virus and germs in your body with the result being that your recovery time should be reduced. It does this as it helps to force your immune system into working that bit more and everybody knows that it is your immune system that tackles this invader into your system, so clearly anything that makes it work better is going to be welcomed by your body.

Next, exercise is going to increase the core temperature of your body and even though you may feel as if you have a fever right now it is still the case that this increase can make you feel better and it does help to create the perfect environment for your body to tackle that virus. Obviously the key here is not to overdo it and leave yourself too warm or fatigued, so you need to be sensible in the amount of exercise that you do or there is a chance that you will make the situation worse instead of better.

It is worth noting, however, that people who are guilty of doing far too much exercise on a regular basis will actually be leaving themselves open to picking up more viruses than normal as it has been shown that their immune systems are often going to be run down and this opens the door to all of those germs. This is often due to the fact that their body becomes tired and fatigue is seen as a major contributor to picking up germs and bacteria, so even though you may feel stronger there is the chance that you are storing up trouble for yourself.

The big question, therefore, is how does exercise help you with viruses and your immune system? The answer to this is that it appears to encourage a temporary increase in the production of something called macrophages and these are cells that attack the bacteria and as you work out, your immune system is forced around your body quicker than it normally is and this means it can tackle any problems before they are given the chance to take hold. The important part is that once they are in the right area they do require some rest from you in order to allow them to get to work and kill the invaders before they make you ill.

That is basically how there is a link between exercise and viruses and you are certainly advised to start doing some moderate exercise in order to boost your immune system and stop you from getting so ill. The only thing you need to do is to remember and not overdo it or there may be trouble ahead, so learn about your limits and stick to them in order to benefit as much as possible.

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