Say bye to musculoskeletal injuries and pain!

PhysiotherapyNowadays, most of the people suffer from musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Physiotherapy is the best way to heal and cure all your pains. Not only the symptoms but the cause of your problem must be addressed by a good physiotherapist.

The Dandegong Ranges Physio is a clinic among the best orthotics in Olinda. The physiotherapists of this clinic are highly trained and experienced in analysing and treating any pain or injury. Headaches, neck pain, disc injuries, low back pain, foot pain, knee pain and shoulder instability are some of the common conditions that are treated by them regularly at the clinic.

Manual therapy

The Dandegong Ranges Physio is well known in Olinda for their traditional physiotherapy techniques. They have extensive training in soft tissue massage; trigger point release, deep tissue release and peripheral and spinal joint manipulation and mobilization. Your pain, injury and stiffness can be prevented, managed and relieved by these physiotherapy methods. All the physiotherapists are well trained and have all the manual skills and experience.

Foot orthotics

Custom Orthotics and off-the-shelf Orthotics are prescribed by the physiotherapist of Dandegong Ranges Physio for your feet. Your problem feet can be managed in the best way by custom orthotics. Orthotics is recommended by the physiotherapist to get rid of a number of musculoskeletal conditions. A full biochemical analysis is undergone by all the patients who have lower limb injury or lower back pain. The world class ToG GaitScan is used for performing the biochemical analysis. A research-based pressure plate is utilized by this technology for measuring the movement of your feet while walking. A custom made Orthotics can be developed with the help of this technology.

Exercise program

Exercises are prescribed by the physiotherapist of Dandegong Ranges Physio for all their treatment sessions for relieving, stretching, strengthening and rehabilitating. Different conditions need different exercises. The patients are prescribed exercises by physiotherapists according to their issues.

Remedial massage

The necessary training is undergone by the remedial masseurs to offer something beyond a relaxation massage. A full or half hour session of the remedial massage can be booked by you. They also provide vouchers on request.


There are many electrotherapy modules that are helpful in treating various conditions. The recovery of injured soft tissues can be helped by the Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment. Circulation is stimulated and collagen fibres are strengthened and realigned by this electrotherapy treatment. The ultrasound can heal planter fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, knee sprains and ankle sprains.

Pre-employment screening

The suitability of a potential worker can be assessed by the employers for a manual position with the help of the physical screenings of Dandegong Ranges Physio. They can do assessments both on-site or in-rooms for many screenings. The testing of all the main joint regions and groups in the body is involved in this screening. The existence of any physical problem in your body can be informed to you by the physiotherapists through this screening.

Book an appointment with the physiotherapists of Dandegong Ranges Physio to live a pain free life.

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