Physiotherapist Sydney Study Guide: Study Routes And Where To Study

PhysiotherapistWho is a physiotherapist?

Before looking at the various study routes potential physiotherapists can take in Sydney, Australia and where to study, it’s important to define who physiotherapists are. Physiotherapists can be defined as healthcare professionals who assess and treat people suffering from physical problems caused by injury, disease, illness or ageing. It’s important to note that physiotherapists utilise non-surgical procedures to assess and treat their patients. The main aim of physiotherapists is lessening pain, improving movement and restoring functionality to improve patient’s quality of life.

Physiotherapist Sydney career study routes

There are many paths one can take when you want become a physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia. The study routes solely depend on the kind of physiotherapist you want to become. For instance, if you want to become a physiotherapist offering a support role i.e. you want to become a physiotherapy assistant, you can consider taking a certificate level 3 or 4 course, a diploma or one of the many short courses on physiotherapy. Typically, these courses last for a few weeks to one year.

In case you want to become a registered physiotherapist, you must take a 4 year bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. Alternatively, you can take a 5 year double degree program. When you graduate with any of the above physiotherapy degrees, you can specialize in any field by furthering your education with a postgraduate degree.

Where to study physiotherapy in Sydney, Australia

Physiotherapy in Australia can be studied in a university, private college or through TAFE.

1. TAFE: Australia is home to very many TAFE institutes which offer a variety of physiotherapy courses. TAFE courses combine theory and practical lessons with clinical placements.

2. University: Australia has 17 universities offering physiotherapy related degree programs. Sydney is home to most of these universities. Physiotherapy degree programs offered in Australia’s universities give TAFE students an opportunity to increase their physiotherapy knowledge, hone their skills as well as make useful contacts in a professional environment. Students who manage to complete physiotherapy degrees with honours become more competitive in the job market.

3. Private colleges: Sydney, Australia is home to many private colleges offering physiotherapy courses in the certificate, diploma & advanced diploma levels. Sydney’s private colleges also offer many short courses in physiotherapy related fields i.e. sports injuries and clinical practice management.


In summary, the above information summarises physiotherapist career study routes and where to study physiotherapy in Sydney. It’s however important to note that there is more to physiotherapy study routes and where to study physiotherapy that what is discussed above. It is therefore important to use this article as a basis for further research.

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