Immune System May Not Weaken With Age

Immune System May Not Weaken With AgeIt is now the belief of many scientists that the immune system may not weaken with age and clearly this is a complete reversal of something that has been believed for decades if not centuries. Instead, it is now reckoned that as we get older we may be better at fighting off certain viruses and the way in which this works will now be explained.

First, it is perhaps best to describe the tests that were carried out as this will show you how researchers managed to reach this brand new conclusion. Basically, the tests were conducted on a couple of groups of people of varying ages and their bodies were observed as they were infected by three different viruses to see the reaction that their immune system had when the body became infected. What was observed was that the body reacted in the exact same way no matter the age of the person and this in itself gave not only researchers, but drug manufacturers something new to think about.

Obviously our immune system helps us to fight off infections and all kinds of things and the studies that have been carried out in order to compare what happens to our system as we age have been focused on certain cells that are known as T-cells. In previous decades it was believed that as we aged we lost these cells as the immune system basically stopped producing them and this would then lead to it becoming harder to fight off infections and viruses as the body needs them to tackle those invaders into our system. All of this has now been disproved because in actual fact we produce them throughout our entire life and the cells we produce when we are older are just as strong as the cells produced by younger adults and this will have a profound effect on drugs and vaccinations that are produced in the future.

The problem with previous vaccinations that are primarily targeted at the elderly is that they were never designed to help the body produce these T-cells simply because it was believed that our body simply stopped making them. This meant that vaccinations had to try something different in order to prevent the elderly from picking up different viruses when in actual fact new ones can encourage the body to produce them and build up that resistance making it less likely that they will then become ill. The expectation is that this breakthrough will then lead to extending the average lifespan of humans, which is why this study is seen as being so important.

In short, modern tests have shown that our immune system actually does continue to work as it should even as we age and we are still capable of fighting off those infections as long as that T-cell production is not hampered. The fact that vaccinations can now be created that specifically target and encourage their production will only lead to us being able to fight all kinds of infections and viruses, so you can expect to stay healthier for longer thanks to the work being carried out by scientists around the world.

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