Design History & Features of Balance Bikes

Balance BikesA run bike or balance bike assists kids in training to steer and balance. These bikes neither have a drive train nor do they have pedals. The various aspects of such bikes are discussed below:


Balance bikes can be made out of either metal or wood. These bikes can be built by removing pedals and associated parts from a general bike. They can also be created specifically as balance bikes. These bikes that are specially created are made for toddlers and children below the age of 5. It is quite difficult for normal bikes to be available in kid’s small sizes and this is why special bikes are built. In order to find out which is the best and most suitable bike for their child parents should read balance bike reviews.

Some of the bikes have no brakes, while some feature one hand activated brake and some have two hand brakes. The balance bike needs to be small enough so that children can sit on the saddle while placing both feet on the ground. When both feet are on the ground then the child is able to push the bike forward with his/her legs.

The first thing that the rider does is stand over the bike and walk along with it. Since this bike is light in weight even a toddler is able to push or drag it around without getting tired. The structure of the bike is such that it can be modified or changed according to the child. As the child grows, so does the bike along with him/her.


Some of the features based on which parents are able to determine which balance bike to purchase for their toddler. Some of the most desirable features in a bike are listed below:

  • Tire: The tire base should be wide so that it supports the child.
  • Rear brake: There are two types of rear brake, drum and hand brake.
  • Saddle: The seat on the balance bike is made more like a saddle so that the child does not slip off while riding at high speeds.
  • Steering limiter: The steering handle is limited to certain angles so that the child does not lose control while steering and at some turns.
  • Frame: The frame is made up of glass fiber which is reinforced by nylon to provide a splinter free frame.
  • Safety grip: Safety grips are added to the handle so that the handle does not slip due to sweaty hands.


The balance bike for your young one need not appear dull and boring. You can customize the bike by adding certain accessories which are quite useful in keeping the child protected from any form of damage. Go through balance bike reviews to find out which balance bike is the best and which accessories are ideal for the bike and your child. Some of the accessories and their benefits are listed below:

  • Helmet: Helmet protects the child from hurting the head even if the child falls down.
  • Bells: Bells with unique sounds attract attention to the children so that parents can keep an eye on them and also lets the kids have fun.
  • Basket: Add colorful baskets so that the child can carry around things.
  • Vest: Bright vests attract attention to the child and keep him/her protected from other vehicles.


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